About Us

FLINGTHECOW.COM is a fun games that will keep you playing for hours.

PLAY COW GAMES has many different levels and ways to play – it’s not just about clicking your mouse anymore! You may want to try out some of these online activities:

1. Cow A Boom – move the cow around with your mouse! Hold down left click and drag around the screen until you’ve got him where you want him. Left click again when ready to drop. Great for tricking your friends at parties – they’ll never know what hit them!

2. Flying Cow – time how long it takes to jump over every fence on the screen, see how high you can get before you get caught!

3. Tricky Cow – The cows are being forced to race against time or each other, see how fast you can do it! There is a leaderboard for all your friends to try and beat. So what are you waiting for? Play Online Cow Games today!

If you have any questions, write to contact us