Angry Birds Journey, the review of the return of Rovio’s birds

A few months after Angry Birds Reloaded, Rovio launches on iOS and Android a new chapter in its famous series: here is the review of Angry Birds Journey.

Angry Birds has been a stratospheric success, one of the biggest ever in the mobile sector: the game developed by Rovio has become in a few months a real cult phenomenon and its popularity has been relaunched by each subsequent game, while leaving intact the original formula, still irresistible today.

The Finnish team has been trying for years to find an equally valid idea, without succeeding. Coming back from several spin-offs more or less interesting, it finally understood that the key was to reinterpret those mechanics, refine them and enrich them with an avalanche of new ideas, thus obtaining an equal but different experience, able to win the favor of nostalgic people but also to involve a completely new audience.

Goal achieved? We reveal it in the Angry Birds Journey review.


Angry Birds Journey, the mysterious crates can become anything but we'll have to hit them to find out

The evil green pigs have stolen the precious eggs Angry Birds and so they are launched in pursuit of them: the narrative incipit of the new chapter is just a simple device to stage the classic struggle between good and bad, but this time is consumed in a particularly rich and multifaceted structure.

The basics of the gameplay haven’t changed much: within each stage we’ll have to launch our birds against the structures built by the piglets in order to eliminate them and at the same time save the puppies, often trapped, whether in cages, balloons, ice dungeons or more: situations that each require a different solution.

Angry Birds Journey, one of the special shots turns the structures into fragile ice

The ever-present slingshot can now be modulated so that the launch follows different trajectories, but it is the birds’ peculiar abilities that change the game and give a strategic depth to the experience. Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Stella and Red not only look different from what we are used to, but also have modified powers that change the way we have always played Angry Birds.

First of all Chuck is the first character available, but he doesn’t accelerate during the launch but rotates at impact. In general, all birds perform their characteristic maneuver as soon as they hit the target, and from this point of view Red has been characterized better than usual, with a crazy and foolish attack that gives a good idea of his proverbial anger.

Beyond the individual powers, which can be amplified when the indicator is filled, however, are the variables in the field to make it really varied and fresh experience. In fact, there are many materials, as well as special consumable attacks that you can buy: a rain of ducks, flowers that lift enemy structures or a cold wind that turns everything into fragile ice.

It really seems that the guys at Rovio have put a lot of effort and Angry Birds Journey is the result of an enormous brainstorming from which the most absurd and imaginative things have come out, to the benefit of fun. Also surprising is the enormity of a campaign that currently has five different chapters, each consisting of hundreds of levels.

Angry Birds Journey, Stella has the power to throw the affected objects into the air

We’re talking about a huge game, in all likelihood the ultimate Angry Birds, but at the same time a product that uses a freemium model less elastic than in the past. If, in fact, in the first few hours we can play without any limitation, then we will have to submit to a counter with five lives that are consumed with each failed attempt, requiring several minutes to recharge.

It is also reiterated the exclusivity of special powers, which can offer an important help in the most difficult levels, but have a cost rather exorbitant in gold coins when they are not bestowed if not very sparingly. In short, to get that kind of benefits will have to force things to put his hand to the wallet and resort to microtransactions.

Graphics and sound

Angry Birds Journey, the puppies are also trapped inside balloons that you have to get in the air

From a technical point of view, Angry Birds Journey is also a remake, thanks to a completely new graphic style that modifies the design of the characters without distorting them. It is in some ways a middle ground between the representation used for the animated film and the classic one, more “full-bodied” and rounded compared to the original episodes of the series.

This interpretation works, no doubt about it, and fills the screen with beautiful pastel shades that enhance every element of the scenarios, helping to increase their variety. Less brilliant the sound, which is limited to be functional to the action and seems not to try with great conviction to propose some theme that can stay impressed in the mind.


Angry Birds Journey reproposes the experience of the Rovio classic, but with a huge amount of improvements and variations on the theme. Apart from the slingshot mechanics, practically everything has changed: the levels are organized in three parts and you have to complete them without running out of birds, the birds have different and well-designed powers, there are the ever-present special consumable shots and many different materials or puzzles to solve to successfully complete the stages, within a really long campaign: it’s hard to ask for more from the series.


  • An Angry Birds enhanced in every aspect
  • Lots of new ideas increase the variety of the game
  • Very long campaign and more updates coming soon
  • Freemium model less elastic than in the past
  • Soundtrack lacking in high notes
  • Good or bad the formula is always the same
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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