Botworld Adventure, a review of a “robotic pokémon”

The review of Botworld Adventure, a particular RPG for mobile devices that reminds a bit of Pokémon: let’s see how it fares.

The Pokémon formula has been imitated and explored in several experiments, often without great success, but in some cases a rather original interpretation can emerge, as we see in this review of Botworld Adventure. After a period in early access, the game by Featherweight Games is now available in a form that should be complete, expanded and cleaned up also thanks to the early trial phase that has met with a fair amount of success among users of mobile platforms. The clean graphics, the particular style and the way in which the various components of gameplay fit together shows a remarkable mastery in the construction of the game by the developers, authors also of the well-known Rodeo Stampede, and these features favor a truly immediate entry into this bizarre world based on anthropomorphic animals and fighting robots.

There really isn’t much of a story behind this adventure, which remains as quiet and light as its gameplay, while also turning out to be cozy and almost irresistible if you get caught up in the collection mechanics.

The protagonist is an aspiring botmaster, or the equivalent of a Pokémon trainer but specialized in the construction and management of combat robots, and his destiny is simply to prove that he is able to build a solid team and complete a series of tasks that are administered through various quests, scattered throughout a world composed of 12 zones characterized by natural environments and different architectures. Exploration, resource gathering and combat are the basic elements of the game, to which we also add the whole part of bot management that represents an element of considerable interest, enriching the simple collection of fighters with a certain rate of customization and strategic depth.

Gameplay: robot collection, fighting and exploration

In Botworld Adventure we explore a vast world divided into 12 areas

Botworld Adventure is a true open world and although its extension is not exactly boundless, this considerable freedom of movement and the variety of environments are characteristic elements of the gameplay. The quests lead us to wander through the 12 different areas of the game world, looking for loot and valuable items, with the main purpose that remains to build and strengthen more and more your party of fighting robots. After customizing the protagonist on the form of various anthropomorphic animals, choosing colors, clothing and somatic characteristics, you start the adventure to become a real botmaster starting from a first robot provided by the parents.

The collection of bots is done by conquering the projects related to the different models and collecting materials and objects that allow their construction, but this is only the beginning of their management. As experience levels increase, additional materials can be used to upgrade each robot by unlocking active and passive abilities according to real skill trees for each individual bot.

The progression system also includes the bizarre “boat-house” that serves as a base and transportation system for the protagonist, which can in turn be expanded and upgraded, receiving in return some bonuses and customization options for the interior.

In Botworld Adventure, combats take place within arenas in which you'll launch bots

In addition to exploration and interaction with scenarios and NPCs, the other key element of the game experience is the combat system, which is a mixture of turn-based strategy and automatic action in real time: inside small arenas, which open directly into the scenario, we can place three robots choosing them from our team, selecting the position in which to deploy them. Once placed, these robots act automatically according to their specific skills and characteristics, while the protagonist (as well as the opponent NPC, in case you fight against one of these) can support the team from the sidelines by launching ranged attacks or support skills, trying to better manage the various cooldowns.

It’s a rather simple system, but it also includes a certain strategic approach, especially in the preparation of the bots through deep customization and their selection and arrangement in the field, which requires a certain balance between melee units, ranged attack or support. Around the construction of the characters and their management are also developed microtransactions, since we are talking about a free-to-play: beyond possible pay to win elements that, however, remain very much in the background given the lack of relevance of PvP, we must consider that fuel and oil to repair and use the robots are limited and require a certain period of time to recharge, unless you make the purchase of in-game currency with real money.


Among the most interesting interpretations of the Pokémon formula seen recently in mobile, Botworld Adventure offers something new and does so with a remarkable care between technical realization and construction of the gameplay. The combat system is well structured, but hardly offers challenges, while it is remarkable depth in the management and evolution of robots. As an adventure is a bit ‘bland, taking us around his pleasant world without narrative solutions particularly engaging or a progression of events particularly rhythmic, but if you take us from the collection of bots is easy to spend on hours carefree, thanks to a free-to-play distribution that does not push too much towards microtransactions.


  • Good idea of the bots and well structured their management
  • Reasoned combat system, although the challenge level is low
  • Excellent style adopted for graphics and world-building
  • Uninvolving quest and story development
  • Doesn’t pose great challenges, which can lead to boredom for the most demanding ones
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