Century: Age of Ashes, the review of the multiplayer dragon-based game

In the review of Century: Age of Ashes we’ll be flying in the saddle of a dragon, shooting fireballs and whirling free in the air against other players

When in 2007 came out the forgettable Lair, all the boys of the time have begun to realize what it means in fact to be riding a dragon: chases, escapes, duels by fireballs and flaming breaths, hand-to-hand combat and mass destruction. Although the game has not made us cry out to the miracle has, however, made school and here we are in finir of 2021 with a product that is not only extremely funny, but also and above all deeper and more dynamic than we ever expected, especially from a free to play. The guys at Playwing are at their first job and we must say that if these are the premises is legitimate to expect great products in the future.

However, let’s take a look at our reasons for praising this game in our review of Century: Age of Ashes.

Wines, not Dragons

Un'opera d'arte di Century: Age of Ashes

We think it is necessary to give the title of this paragraph to a fundamental aspect for any nerd who can call himself such. The “dragons” of Century: Age of Ashes are all wyverns that, for those who do not know, differ from their cousins for the feature of having wings paired with the upper limbs, instead of having them on the back. Let’s get it straight, it is definitely a very good choice, since the wyverns have always been more agile and snappy than a traditional dragon, having the ability to cut through the air better and having fewer “limbs” to control.

Given this brief introduction, we can start by saying that the title has almost no narrative basis, the wyverns and their knights are located in the arenas on which the various skirmishes take place for an unspecified reason, but so be it. We feel like saying that basically the relevance of this detail is almost nothing given the nature exclusively PvP (for now) of the game.

After a short and comprehensive tutorial, repeatable whenever you want, we are put in front of an immediate choice to face the first of several air battles: the class. Century: Age of Ashes gives us the opportunity to choose between 3 classes, Marauder, Phantom and Windguard, all with their own characteristics and abilities, as well as a set of special lives with cosmetics, skins and various trinkets. The Marauder is a kind of attacker, the class with more firepower and perhaps with the most stylish beasts, stocky, muscular and “bad”. Its special ability is to enhance itself and to put a mark on an opponent under fire so as to inflict more damage and, in case of killing him, to persist in its enhanced status. The Windguard has a more sinuous and elegant style, with more feminine movements almost (in fact his basic rider is a woman) and is the healer of the group, being able to help with the release of a toxic cloud that blinds the opponent or with his special move healing and protecting a companion. The Phantom instead, as the name says, has a more disturbing appearance, almost as if he wanted to intimidate the opponent by coming out of the invisibility of his special, and then pierce the opponent’s shields.

These three classes make the fights frenetic and tremendously beautiful to see and play. It is not uncommon in fact see small groups of allies who support each other with their special skills and come out victorious in fights that otherwise would have been deadly in single. Small note, in the shop you can see a fourth class not yet available: in our opinion will be a kind of Tank, which in fact is missing.

Modes and equipment

egg hatching is one of the most welcome additions

We can consider ourselves satisfied with the offer at the release of Century: Age of Ashes as far as game modes are concerned. We have the possibility to choose between three of them, always divided into two teams of 6 players that differ not only for the maps, but also for the purpose. In Gates of Fire we’ll have to collect a flag in the center of a mainly mountainous scenario and we’ll have to get through as many doors as possible, bordered by beams of light, trying to pass more than our opponents. In Carnage mode, however, we’ll be faced with the evergreen team deathmatch in which within a time limit we’ll have to score more kills than the opposing team. In this mode we will also have bonuses such as the Bounty, referred to players who have made more kills and that give a higher score in case of killing, or the Drakepiercer, an object that once collected will give the possibility to kill with a single shot our opponent.

The map in this case consists of a ruined castle on the edge of a large frozen lake at sunset, very impressive.

In the Spoils of War mode we’ll finally have to recover and store more gold than the opposing team in our headquarters. We can get it either from dragons (yes, these are normal dragons) carriers, hitting them and knocking them down and then collect the gold left behind, or recovering one of the gems that appear randomly within the map which will grant us 5 units of gold per second and 300 units if we will be us to hold it at the end of the battle. Or even carrying a bomb inside the enemy headquarters and detonate it, to give our team the chance to collect half of the gold forfeited by the enemy team. The game map of this mode is divided into two mirrored areas with as many fortresses and in the center a sort of large castle with tunnels and towers between which to vault, all seasoned with a large lake below.

In fact, there is a fourth 3vs3 mode called Skirmish that is unlocked once you reach level 5, in which we simply find ourselves in the middle of a tremendous storm and have to shoot down as many opponents as possible by the end of the time. This last one is undoubtedly the most successful map among the four indicated.

The character design of Century: Age of Ashes is excellent

There are different ways of unlocking wyverns and cosmetic items for our knights. One of them allows you to unlock everything simply by playing and we will have to play really a lot to get to level 100 of the first battle pass, the threshold at which you can unlock a legendary egg. Yes, because even in this title there is the sacrosanct division of the loot in common, rare, epic and legendary, both in terms of cosmetic items and wyverns. The latter can be obtained in two ways: directly unlocking the adult dragon, or by obtaining one of the aforementioned eggs and hatching it until our little one is born and grow. In order for our egg to become an adult wyvern we will have to respect the combat requirements such as hitting opponents with the final moves a certain number of times or dodging bullets for a dozen times and so on.

Unfortunately that’s about it, each mode only has one map available, plus once you reach level 10, you unlock the ranked modes, which, for now, are the sore point of the production. To move up in rank you can only face each other in the ranked Spoils of War, there is no other mode. This inevitably leads to a repetitiveness of the bottom that, however, we trust will be resolved as soon as possible.

Technique and gameplay


From the point of view of style, animations, textures and lighting the guys at Playwing have done a small miracle. Every single detail of the (few) maps is really well cared for, reflections, particle sound design and map design are sought after and very pleasant. Just the soundtrack deserves a separate applause. The music is evocative, powerful and always pressing when needed. At times we were reminded of those of God of War and Skyrim, you understand that the chills then are also at home here.

We left for last one of the fundamental aspects of this Century: Age of Ashes and that is its playability. We must also congratulate the developers here because, pad in hand, after a dozen games, our dear lives did exactly what we wanted. The controls are simple, basically you take speed, slow down and shoot, moving in all possible directions. It seems a little thing, but the development team has managed to give a weight to every single movement of the animals, with different visual responses and commands depending on the solicitation of the rider, we have even seen the wyverns almost complain of sudden changes of direction, very impressive.

Another fundamental aspect of the gameplay is the speed, wonderfully rendered especially during the dives from high altitudes, with a motion blur that gradually increases giving the impression of being very fast. We will have 4 shots to use that, once exhausted, will be reloaded by crossing the light strips of blue scattered around the maps. Thanks to this mechanic, escaping from the most difficult situations will always require an interesting management of resources and a little more tacticism.


In the review of Century: Age of Ashes, the first work of Playwing games, we emphasized all the good things the developers have done and how much fun it is to ride a viverna spitting fire and flames. Maps excellently made for what they are, although unfortunately only one for each mode. Gameplay is solid and functional with the three classes well differentiated and complementary, combined with a sound that sometimes is the master, mean that even the classified played always and only in the same mode are still fun. We recommend the guys at Playwing to add some maps and especially to increase the competitive offer, since Century: Age of Ashes is really a pleasure to play. Ah, and it’s free!


  • Visually very nice
  • Audio and soundtrack at the highest level
  • Well differentiated classes
  • Exciting game modes
  • Ranked matches are only available with the Spoils of War mode
  • Few maps
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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