What Is Chromatic Aberration in Games?

One of the most common questions I get from people who are new to chromatic aberration is “what exactly does chromatic aberration mean?” To answer that, we need to start with a little bit about what chromatic means and how it relates to chromatic aberrations.

Chroma is basically the word for color, so chromatically would refer things pertaining to colors. If you’re looking for something more technical, chromatics could also be described as the study of different frequencies or wavelengths of light waves – that’s where chromatics comes from in optics!

How demanding is Chromatic Aberration?

One way chromatic aberration can show up is when there’s a discrepancy between the colors of light that are hitting your eye from different parts of an object. When this happens, you’ll see things start to blur or take on a rainbow effect – hence the term chromatic aberration!

Chromatic aberration is often seen as an undesirable defect in optical systems, but it can also be used for creative effects in photography and filmmaking. Games that use chromatic aberration might do it in order to be more realistic, or simply because they’re trying for a particular artistic effect.

Essentially, it’s nothing more than a cinematic effect similar to letter-boxing or vignetting. This implies that it is entirely optional. Whether you want to use it will have little impact on the performance. You may be able to save a single frame if you’re really pushing here and I mean really trying to go for a run.

Some chromatic aberration effects are very demanding – others less so! Chromatic aberration can have an impact on your game’s framerate if you don’t take steps to optimize the chromatic aberrations in your project.

Is Chromatic Aberration worth enabling?

If chromatic aberration isn’t hurting your framerate, there’s little reason not to enable it! Chromatic aberrations can be a nice addition if you’re going for something artistic or dramatic.

The chromatic aberration effect is entirely optional and shouldn’t impact the performance of the game unless you go above and beyond in order to create chromatic aberration that looks really good. chromatic aberrations can be a nice addition if you’re going for something artistic or dramatic, but they come at the cost of potentially decreased performance in your game’s framerate!

Chromatic aberrations are mostly a matter of personal preference. The most important thing to consider is whether or not you want your game to appear as though it were captured through the lens of a camera. Obviously, making your game look more “cinematic” will improve its appearance, but is that something you really desire in a game about killer.


Chromatic aberration is a chromatic effect that can be used in games to mimic the appearance of cameras. This implies chromatics are entirely optional and you shouldn’t enable them unless they have no impact on your game’s framerate.

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