DEEMO 2, the review of the fascinating rhythm-based adventure

It’s been almost ten years since the first episode and Rayark has seen fit to give us a new, fascinating rhythm-based adventure: DEEMO 2 review.

The review of DEEMO 2 takes us to a mysterious and fascinating realm, which uses music to fuel its energy and in which live strange and funny creatures that seem to come out of a cartoon by Hayao Miyazaki.

One day, however, comes the terrible threat of a monster covered with flowers, which makes fall an incessant and deadly rain: anyone who remains exposed to water for more than a few minutes is condemned to “bloom”, turning into a pile of white petals.


DEEMO 2, the protagonist Echo struggling with one of the many characters in the game

Told through sequences of astonishing beauty, directed in a masterful way, the story of DEEMO 2 follows the events of Echo, a little girl who seemed destined to “bloom” in the pouring rain but is rescued by the mysterious figure of the Composer and led to shelter in the station that serves as a hub for the kingdom.

Here he will have to interact with numerous characters and ask for the help of Deemo, a silent guardian who seems to know a way to save the world. Needless to say, everything passes through the notes of a piano, picking up the musical theme that strongly characterized the first chapter of the series and that is also repeated in the sequel, although within a much more sophisticated framework.

Graphics and sound

DEEMO 2, the protagonist explores one of the environments

Yes, because the central aspect of DEEMO 2 is undoubtedly represented by the extraordinary presentation and it is difficult to describe its beauty without seeing it in action. Boasting excellent cel shading graphics, Rayark’s title practically makes the verse to Ni no Kuni, alternating between interlude sequences and exploratory phases characterized by an incredible atmosphere.

The characters and scenery are beautiful, the animations do not betray uncertainties and also emphasize the care of a direction that does not seem to leave anything to chance, carrying out its narrative in a delicate way, strong dialogue brilliantly interpreted in Japanese and subtitled in English. Everything is then accompanied by a soundtrack of great value, as expected for a product of this kind.


DEEMO 2, the rhythm phase with its notes to play in time

Unfortunately, however, on the gameplay side the situation is decidedly less exciting, so much so that one wonders why certain decisions were made. With this technical and artistic quality, with this abundance of assets, DEEMO 2 could have been anything and instead has decided to limit itself to make the rhythm game. And not just any rhythm game, but one based on instrumental pieces played on the piano.

There are exploratory phases in which, as Echo, we are asked to turn within the scenarios and interact with certain characters, but then we always return to the station, to play and replay the stages that will allow us to finally carry on the progression and finally discover how the mysterious story of this little girl and the world in which she found herself continues.

We were talking about the rhythm mechanics, which, through the ever-present selection of the difficulty level, propose denser or sparser beats. The concept is obviously simple: according to the song played in the background, we will have to touch the screen at a line when the notes arrive, trying to be as accurate as possible to get a higher score.

The fact, however, that the music is only instrumental and anything but rhythmic, so legitimately consistent with the atmosphere of the game, is a major limitation and so the boredom quickly takes over, amplified by the heavy grinding that is required to access new chapters without putting your hand to your wallet.


DEEMO 2 is a game beautiful to see and hear, characterized by peculiar atmosphere, a delicate narrative, impeccable direction and characters and environments really interesting. A title with a huge potential, in short, but is wasted in the service of gameplay mechanics extremely limited and simplistic, moreover devoted to grinding and repetitiveness if you want to play without investing money in the various packages available. In any case, the quality also and above all artistic production certainly deserves a try.


  • Extraordinary technical realization
  • Artistically inspired
  • Soundtrack of great quality
  • Very limited gameplay
  • The tracks lend themselves poorly to rhythm mechanics
  • Grinding makes it repetitive
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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