FIFA Football, EA Mobile Football Season 2022 review

It has been over three years since the last FIFA Soccer update, but this time the update is significant and changes the face of the EA mobile game.

FIFA Soccer is not a newborn project, far from it: it is, as is traditional for the most important franchises on iOS and Android, a real live service style platform that is updated cyclically through the addition of improvements and new content.

A few days ago, however, came a very important update that, while leaving basically intact the structure of the game, has revolutionized the experience from a technical standpoint, adding not only an option to enable 60 FPS on high-end devices, but also several aesthetic touches, audio commentary and realistic sound effects.

Are these elements capable of really improving the mobile soccer game produced by Electronic Arts? Let’s find out with the FIFA Football in 2022 Season review.

The basic experience

FIFA Football Season 2022, the players on the field after kickoff

As we wrote in the previous review of FIFA Football, in 2018, we are faced with a sort of simplified FIFA Ultimate Team, which puts the unpacking at the center of attention and builds around him a structure full of goals to unlock, different currencies (many!) And the ability to improve players through training, then the use of coins and cards “minor”.

We go from short skill challenges to entire matches, from goal shooting sessions to the inevitable management of the team, which can be automated: the variety of activities offered is excellent and undoubtedly has the merit of keeping the attention, avoiding a traditional formula between leagues, tournaments and so on. Unfortunately, however, those who are looking for just this kind of content on mobile will inevitably be disappointed.

Good news comes from the online multiplayer, which has been enhanced and now works very well, with a fast and focused matchmaking in your region to limit latency as much as possible. There is also a secondary mode that uses an asynchronous system and puts two users in front of short challenges, declaring the winner the one who manages to overcome them and score the most points.

As for the freemium model used, you can play for free without major problems and big waits (the “tickets” are plentiful and recharge quickly), but the microtransactions are quite a lot and the specter of paywall is therefore literally around the corner.


FIFA Football Season 2022, a free kick from the edge of the area

The good news is that over time not only the technical aspect but also the gameplay of FIFA Soccer has been improved, especially with regard to touch controls. The gesture control system, which still leaves a lot to be desired, can be limited (but not completely disabled, which sometimes creates some headaches) in favor of the normal buttons with snap, pass, filter and shot, now much more accurate and free of the slipperiness of the previous version.

There are several automatisms applied to the action, for example in the management of contrasts for the recovery of the ball, but even here you can make some adjustments to increase or decrease the assists. The important thing is that on the field the dynamics are convincing and, despite some weird flaws (see for example a striker who does not shoot when indicated, burning a goal) and an artificial intelligence of opponents often bland, the end result is a fairly fun experience.

Graphics and sound

FIFA Football Season 2022, the cheers appear improved

As mentioned at the beginning, FIFA Soccer has received a substantial technical update that has literally changed the face of the game, both in terms of graphics and sound. There are new animations, especially with regard to the exultations, but they are 60 frames per second to make all the difference in the world, reflecting on the pleasantness of gameplay, which is necessarily more fluid and precise. Clearly we’ll have to see if your device supports this feature: we tested the game on iPhone 12 Pro.

As for the sound, it’s possible to download two additional packages that include the commentary in Italian, quite varied in the phrases available, and a set of realistic sound effects for stadium choirs and basic noises, greatly improved over the default equipment. Finally, there is also room for a signature soundtrack, which goes to characterize in an important way especially the menu navigation.


FIFA Soccer has been substantially improved over the previous version, although perhaps a bit late in the game. The developers have fixed the problems with the touch controls and the dynamics on the field, which now work pretty well and offer a fairly entertaining experience, although still inferior to the gameplay of PES Mobile; especially when it comes to piloting players with gestures: that sector still has a long way to go. Graphics and sound have been revamped, and in both cases the differences jump out at you right away: if you were disappointed by FIFA Soccer in the past, try it again because it might surprise you.


  • Substantially improved graphics and sound
  • Good variety of contents, excellent multiplayer
  • Precise and responsive traditional controls
  • Gesture controls still bad
  • The experience remains a simplified Ultimate Team
  • The gameplay needs further tweaking
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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