Gang Beasts, the review on Nintendo Switch

Let’s take a look at the review of Gang Beasts and how its irresistible blend of stoned physics and multiplayer i suitable for Nintendo Switch.

For a game all about multiplayer action in party game style and possibly offline, it is really strange that we are only now facing a review of Gang Beasts, considering that its first release dates back even to 2014 in early access on PC and in the meantime has arrived on all other platforms. Let’s take advantage of the game’s arrival on Nintendo Switch to analyze a product that on Nintendo’s console finds its ideal location, since the possibility of making local multiplayer matches “on the fly” and in portability represent a huge advantage for a product of this genre. In addition to the fact that the demographics of the users seem to fit perfectly in the target sought by the developers. Still, it took almost a long time to get our hands on a version for Nintendo Switch that, however, does not disappoint expectations.

At some point in the history of video games someone must have realized that the “wrong” application of physics could work as an element of gameplay itself. The biggest success born from this simple and wacky idea is most likely Human: Fall Flat, a game that continues to go crazy also driven by the streaming phenomenon and YouTube videos, but in the same category we can insert also Goat Simulator and the more recent Totally Reliable Delivery Service and TABS: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

The principle is typical of games that focus on the effect of demential: complicate simple movements in order to stage, in a natural way, grotesque and irresistible situations. From Takeshi’s Castle onwards, or Mai Dire Banzai in our parts, the principle has always been infallible and the success of these bizarre video games proves it. All this to say that even Gang Beasts takes advantage of this concept to apply it to the group multiplayer fighting game, with the consequences that you can imagine.

Gameplay: blows and precarious balance

Gang Beasts, a fight on the roof of a truck

There’s no story behind Gang Beasts, a game that relies solely on its immediate gameplay to stage situations that are decidedly out of the ordinary. Not sure why, the characters we use in the game are almost without a solid skeleton and love to disguise themselves as animals or various characters, with obvious possibilities of costumes to unlock that offer huge different possibilities, all equally crazy. They are basically what is technically called “ragdolls”, with a bit more texture but with the same “gelatinous” movements that characterize these polygonal models. The game offers several modes in which to engage but, in essence, it is always about surviving within potentially deadly situations while trying to shoot down opponents. Above all not to self-eliminarci through missteps or losses of balance: things practically on the agenda if you consider how the control is obscured by a physics appropriately distorted and environments do everything possible to bring us continuously close to deadly dangers.

Up to eight players find themselves inside various levels composed of situations always very risky (a skyscraper under construction, a meat grinder with sausages that fall from above and sudden openings in the floor, a Ferris wheel, a sort of Arctic base on the ice, an aquarium equipped with kraken, an incinerator, a cable car and so on), in online or local multiplayer, to engage in different game modes.

Gang Beasts, a moment of play on the edge of a chasm

These are Melee, Waves, Gangs and Soccer, but basically they all revolve around the same concept: trying to knock others down or push them towards some deadly obstacle while trying to avoid ending up the same way and struggling with both opponents and controls. The various options offer good variations on the theme such as team play, a ball to throw into the opponent’s goal or the introduction of progressive waves of enemies that add to the fray, but the basis of the gameplay remains the Body-to-Body. Basically, we have to control our ragdoll by punching, kicking and headbutting, jumping, making grabs and trying to dodge blows, triggering chain reactions that, in large groups of players, lead to guaranteed laughter, especially since in most cases the fine battle tactics result in resounding failures, with attacks that regularly go awry and backfire.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nintendo Switch

Gang Beasts makes us fight even on the roof of a skyscraper

Considering the years that have passed since the other versions, expecting some additions to Gang Beasts on Nintendo Switch wasn’t a crazy thing, but evidently Boneloaf and Double Fine felt that the game was perfect in this way and have therefore reproposed it identical to the other versions. It’s not a bad choice, because it’s likely that many will approach this game for the first time ever, but finding it after so long without any change is definitely a bit disappointing. On the other hand, on the Nintendo console can take advantage of the inherent peculiarities of the hardware, or above all the possibility of being played in portability and the fact that you can organize at any time a multiplayer on the fly taking advantage of the tabletop mode, which is really important in a game all focused on this type of experience.

Gang Beasts, a screenshot of the game

It must be said, however, that the local multiplayer is much higher than online: not so much because there are technical problems on the latter, but because the lack of voice communication and constant feedback really takes away most of the fun.

For the rest, it’s certainly not a challenging game from a graphical point of view: the beauty of Gang Beasts has always been the fact of using extreme caricature stylization to increase the comic effect, which results in a virtually perfect conversion on Nintendo Switch, except for some inconsistency on the performance front. In particularly frantic situations, the frame-rate doesn’t remain stable, something that was also detected on its other consoles although here it seems decidedly more frequent and visible. In any case, the Nintendo Switch version is essentially the same as we’ve seen elsewhere, for better or worse, with its aesthetics that can not avoid snickering but also with the same content that those who have previously played the title will know all too well by now.


Gang Beast remains precisely that crazy ragdoll-based multiplayer brawler and physics fiasco that we loved on PC and other consoles. Perhaps a little too faithful to the original, considering that years later we would have gladly welcomed some additions, at least in terms of content, to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which arrived considerably late. For those who have not had the opportunity to play it in the past, it is a title that can give rise to excellent multiplayer sessions – possibly local – full of chaos and laughter, otherwise it remains an interesting conversion for the possibility of playing in portability and for the ease with which you can start games with friends in tabletop mode and sharing Joy-Con. All this always taking into account that this is a game extremely simple and without depth or sense of progression, without single player and all based on a wonderful caciara.


  • Immediate and guaranteed fun in multiplayer
  • Numerous customizations available
  • On Switch it finds a great place, between portability and multiplayer on the fly
  • Virtually devoid of depth, all about chaos
  • The complexity of voice chat greatly penalizes online multiplayer
  • No additions or changes after years of other versions
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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