GTFO, the review of the toughest co-op game around

The review of GTFO, a game that, after a long Early Access, in its final form has become a more tactical and uncompromising cooperative experience.

Co-operative games are in fashion, especially the children of Left 4 Dead, and it is increasingly difficult to choose the best since, apart from the different setting, the formula remains always more or less the same. The most popular, also thanks to the simultaneous arrival on consoles and Xbox Game Pass, is undoubtedly the one most related to Left 4 Dead, even in the name, or Back 4 Blood, but for some time PC users are losing their minds behind another game, still little known but on the way to consecration.

GTFO’s review will explain why.

Superior Cooperatives

GTFO: Shooting gives you satisfaction, but most of the time you'll have to resist the temptation...

Once again we are dealing with a game designed for four players, exclusively PVE so you will not find competitive modes against other people, despite this GTFO hides a small big difference compared to other similar products: to win you need a level of cooperation, an ability to keep your cool and a superior tactical vision. This isn’t the game you load up if you don’t want to put in the effort, those evenings when you don’t even want to wear a headset or shout orders with your mouse and keyboard on fire. Meanwhile, you need four players, then three more friends, and all must have the same approach otherwise the disaster is assured, then the hardest work goes to the nerves, they must be firm because GTFO not only requires the utmost attention, to make things more difficult loves to disturb you by putting terribly afraid.


GTFO: With each update, the developers change the levels in the game and the previous ones are removed permanently. At least until they make a super mega collection to make money.

The incipit is simple and enigmatic, as a bit ‘all the plot that remains, however, always relatively aloof. The group of four players is composed of prisoners who are sent on missions, mostly scouting, inside a decrepit and sprawling underground structure full of ferocious creatures that might remind some nightmares of Clive Barker. These monsters are vigilant but in a sort of stasis waiting for their next victim, and since resources are not found everywhere and it takes a moment to be overwhelmed by a horde, it will often be necessary to move with extreme caution, without being seen or making noise.

Probably you won’t succeed the first time, nor the second or third time, but it’s part of the game to repeat the levels already present several times, and GTFO will change the position of the enemies with each attempt, enhancing the adaptability and survival skills of the players, who must also think about improving their equipment along the way and get as much ammunition as possible. During a game, it is also possible to come across special disposable skills that can be used during the next attempt, and more rare cosmetic items to customize our prisoner.

Shoot… silently

GTFO: Version 1.0 has undergone some good graphical tweaks and now the game is flashier and more charming than ever before

In the game there are many firearms and, trigger on the finger, they all behave pretty well even though GTFO is certainly not the best shooter around. Most of the time you’ll spend it walking in perfect coordination and in perfect silence, using if necessary mainly one of the many melee weapons you can get your hands on.

Some creatures, if alerted, can wipe out a well-assorted group in a matter of seconds, even if they consume the entire supply of ammunition, an event that can be enough to irreversibly affect a mission. GTFO, however, is not only extreme stealth, there are numerous situations along the ten missions present where we will inevitably set fire to the powders. Even in these cases is still essential a large dose of strategy and tactics: you have to know how to position yourself, focus your gunfire on enemies, respond to any and unexpected surprises, use elements of the scenario to our advantage.

Bots and Checkpoints

GTFO: if you've noticed any similarities, it's no coincidence, since several GTFO developers come from the Payday team

Really, we’re not telling you this just to say it, or because lately the hard game attracts attention: GTFO is really tough. In this latest version they’ve added bots that can help stretch our legs in the first few games, but their company won’t be enough to complete even the simplest mission. You need real people and you need to communicate, if you’re lucky you’ll find good players through the renewed matchmaking, but the advice is to get organized in time.

Another big change that made the game slightly more forgiving than it used to be is the halfway checkpoint inserted into missions, something that horrified the most square fans, and delighted those who couldn’t come to terms with it. We usually don’t like these concessions, but GTFO also needed them for the simple fact that the ten levels in the game today, will not be the ten levels that those who buy it will find after the next big update.

Each major update of GTFO replaces the present levels that can no longer be visited from that moment on with new missions, new environments and new opportunities. It’s a hardcore choice that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but maybe that’s why we love it.


GTFO is a game like many others but unique in its genre, it is the co-op that many were waiting for but never had the courage to ask for. No one forbids you to try it alone, but as you will soon discover it is necessary to be four and also well matched to face, and hopefully dominate, its dangerous game world. Tactical, exhausting, sometimes terrifying, GTFO is a colossal and potentially endless challenge. For these reasons and more, GTFO is undoubtedly a risky purchase, and never more than in this case would a demo be useful. The game is worth it, but are you sure it’s what you’re looking for? If you are, you’ll fall madly in love with it.


  • Renewed graphics
  • Deep and fascinating gameplay
  • Ten long missions that will sooner or later evolve into new challenges
  • There must be four of us…
  • and matchmaking doesn’t seem to work as well as it should
  • Gunplay can be improved
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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