Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, the review of a little gem

The review of Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, a game for PC and Nintendo Switch inspired by the characters of the famous MOBA of Riot Games.

Fast and fun gameplay

In the marasmus of characters that are part of the imaginative and colorful world of League of Legends, there are undoubtedly a crazy amount of rather original figures. For this Hextech Mayhem have been disturbed two of the most famous “dwarfs” of the cast, namely Heimerdinger, a distinguished professor of the University of Piltover (recently seen in the series Arcane) and Ziggs, a mischievous bomber, obsessed with explosives (did someone say Jinx?) and their destructive beauty.

Just his love for explosives will lead him to destroy everything in front of him to prove to the professor their magnificence and usefulness. These are the simple premises of the plot that will take us on a short tour through some typical environments of the series of Riot Games and jump between colorful explosions to the rhythm of music.

The game mode is immediate and appreciable by anyone with a minimum of rhythm. Our good Ziggs will move running through the two-dimensional levels, trying to avoid any obstacle and enemy to the sound of jumps and throwing bombs, all of course in time to the music. The controls are basic, we will have to press only 3 keys corresponding to their directions, respectively “up”, “down” and “right” (all mappable at will) at the exact moment that the game time will command us. All actions will allow you to obtain special gears with which to unlock the next levels, skins for Ziggs and challenges with the bosses, or rather THE boss, always the same, but with increasing difficulty.

Basically, at least for the first few levels, you are faced with a very basic and simple gameplay, accessible to everyone without problems. The difficulties will come when, as you progress in the story, you unlock some advanced commands and especially you realize that the collectables can only be obtained by performing hidden actions that the game (in normal mode at least) does not suggest.

Technique and graphics

Hextech Mayhem una storia di League Of Legends 11

As for the visual aspect, the use of a well-defined color palette allows the game to have its own well-defined identity: explosions, particle effects and animations are very nice and models, although low poly, are well animated and pleasant. The cutscenes are nice and good voice acting accompanies everything in a surprising way.

The problem is, incomprehensibly, just what should be the main strength of the offer, namely that musical accompaniment that also works as a co-star for the duration, about 3 hours, of the game. Unfortunately, there are no memorable tracks or with an important character. It seems that the tracks have been forcibly created around the scenarios to be able to keep up with all the abstruse turns of the keys to press. There are counter-times on counter-times, sometimes we found it very difficult to understand the time of action, not because there were no visible commands, but for the changes of pace that we did not expect. This is not a total rejection, the songs are still nice to listen to and accompany the game well enough for most of the time, but unfortunately can not break through the barrier between the commands and instinct.

Another problem, far worse, is given by the fact that you can not enjoy almost nothing all the contours of the game to have to focus on tight controls. A great pity because, however, the work performed is definitely of a good level and in those brief moments in which we can distract to better understand where we are and what happens around us make us understand even more than we would have liked more.


Hextech Mayhem una storia di League Of Legends 9

Surely, for its brevity and its nature of one-shot stage game, it is still very fun and replayable. Too bad for these smears that, with a little more care, could have made the game shine even better than the best hextech bomb of Ziggs.


Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story is to all intents and purposes a rythm game fun and well made, net of the songs not always catchy and immediate and a basic confusion too much. Technical aspect, dubbing and simplicity make it definitely a title to recommend, given the budget price.


  • Colorful and pleasant technical compartment
  • Excellent dubbing
  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Budget price
  • Audio tracks not always engaging and catchy
  • Too much confusion to enjoy the scenery
  • Very short
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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