Kingdom Come Deliverance Hardcore Mode: How does it work?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Hardcore Mode is a new game mode that was recently added to the kingdom come deliverance game. It’s not just an unlockable, you can actually choose this mode at the start of your kingdom come deliverance playthrough. This article will answer some common questions about hardcore mode and what you need to know before starting kingdom come deliverance hardcore gameplay!

What is Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore mode in kingdom come deliverance is a more difficult version of the game. Enemies deal more damage, your health doesn’t regenerate and you can’t fast travel. There are also less checkpoints throughout the kingdom come deliverance world. This makes hardcore mode a much more challenging experience that tests your skills as a kingdom come deliverance player.

Don’t I need kingdom come Deliverance Cheats to beat Hardcore Mode?

No, kingdom come deliverance cheats such as god mode and infinite health aren’t necessary for kingdom come deliverance hardcore players. The difficulty is developed by the game itself and has nothing to do with kingdom come cheat codes or special abilities. Hardcore kingdom come deliverance players will need to rely on kingdom come skills and tactics if they want a chance of completing the kingdom come hardcore mode.

What is Kingdom Come Deliverance Hardcore Mode for?

Kingdom Come Deliverance hardcore mode isn’t just about being extra difficult, it’s included as an additional challenge that tests your metal as a kingdom come player. It also provides more replayability value since you can play through kingdom come twice with different difficulties without having to start over from scratch. If you’re looking for an authentic experience in kingdom comelife then hardcore mode should be something worth checking out!

Is there any difference between Normal Mode and Hardcore Mode after beating kingdom comelife once?

The differences are actually quite minor. The kingdom come hardcore difficulty provides a slightly different kingdom comelife world where certain NPCs, locations and kingdom come quests are altered to be more challenging. Hardcore mode players will find that some kingdom comes have become harder while others remain unchanged. This makes for an interesting experience since you can discover new parts of the kingdom comelife or play through familiar areas again in hardcore mode!

Hardcore Mode is only available after beating kingdom comelife once?

Yes, this is correct. To play kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode you’ll need to complete normal kingdom came first – it’s not possible to start with hardcore right away! There isn’t any way around this requirement so if you’re looking forward to playing the difficult game type then make sure to complete the main kingdom come game first.

What are some good tips for Hardcore Mode in kingdom come deliverance?

There are a few things that you can do to make your life easier while playing kingdom comelife hardcore mode:

  • Use potions and food to regenerate health – this will help you survive longer in kingdom come!
  • Make use of lockpicks and stealth to avoid combat whenever possible
  • Choose the right weapon for the job – using a bow against heavily armoured enemies is not going to work very well!
  • Bring a friend! Playing kingdom come with others makes the hardcore experience much more manageable

These are just a few tips to help get you started. For more kingdom come hardcore mode advice be sure to check out some of the best kingdom comelife guides online!

What’s your favorite Hardcore Mode moment in kingdom come?

There have been quite a few moments that have stood out while playing kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode. One such moment was when I was sneaking through an enemy encampment and managed to take out every soldier without them ever knowing what hit them! It was a very satisfying feeling, especially since it was done using stealth and cunning rather than brute force. What’s your favorite hardcore moment in kingdom comelife? Let us know in the kingdom comelife forums!


Kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode is an exciting new addition to the kingdom comelife formula. It’s a great way to extend your kingdom come playthrough and provides new challenges for kingdom comelife fans. Hardcore Mode isn’t available from the start of kingdom came, players will need to complete normal mode before they can access it – this enhances replayability value but also makes the game harder!

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  1. “Hardcore Mode is only available after beating kingdom comelife once?
    Yes, this is correct. To play kingdom come deliverance hardcore mode you’ll need to complete normal kingdom came first – it’s not possible to start with hardcore right away!”

    This is incorrect. You can play hardcore mode from the start, but you cannot switch back to normal.

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