What is a Mandalorian Nerf Gun?

The Mandalorian nerf gun is a high-powered version of the classic toy, which has been around for decades. Mandalorians are an intergalactic race that have developed advanced technology centuries ahead of Earth. The Mandalorian nerf guns shoot hard foam darts at opponents in order to win battles or games with their opponents.

Mandalorian nerf gun enthusiasts are very proud of their Mandalorian heritage, so it’s common for them to buy Mandalorian nerf guns as a collectible item.

If you have a young child, you might want to ensure they’re not reading over your shoulder right now — otherwise you’ll be spending some quality time explaining why they won’t be receiving a $120 toy blaster for Christmas. Oh, who am I kidding; it’s already started in my head.

Yes, that’s the price of this completely functional foam-flinging replica of The Mandalorian’s Amban Phase-pulse blaster, which — as far as I know — is the longest Nerf gun ever produced.

It’s a big, four-foot long (50.25 inches) toy gun that looks fairly beaten in and includes two AA batteries and a light-up scope. It’s got lots of fake fractures and wear to make it seem like it was used, as well as realistic sounds after you install two AAA batteries.

It also allows you to insert a normal Nerf Elite dart into the pop-up breach, just like he-who-wears-the-Beskar, by cramming in a new “cartridge.” Simply push the white handle underneath the scope forward.

All of these traits won’t automatically make it a good Nerf weapon for an actual office fight or backyard battle: we’re talking about a single-shot, spring-powered blaster with a huge fake barrel and a tiny priming handle.

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