My friend Peppa Pig, the review of a game designed for children

The review of My Friend Peppa Pig, a game for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch designed exclusively for the little fans of the little pig

Video games, like all commercial products, have a very specific purpose. Of course, there are works that cross the boundaries of genre and generation, but more often they are experiences designed with a very specific audience in mind. For this reason it is difficult to evaluate My Friend Peppa Pig on a site like , populated by a large number of gamers with some experience behind them and certain standards to be respected.

To them, My Friend Peppa Pig has very little to offer, apart from a few easily unlockable trophies. But if you’re here and you can read, then it means that you’re interested in finding out if My Friend Peppa Pig is a video game suitable for little ones, no matter if they are children, younger siblings or grandchildren.

In the review of My Friend Peppa Pig we will try to tell you this and the numerical vote will try to summarize the concept: it is useless, therefore, that you go to compare it with that of the various Halo, The Last of Us or Zelda. It is unique.

What you do

The character of My Friend Peppa Pig is fully customizable

First of all, let’s start by telling you what My Friend Peppa Pig is. It is a sort of interactive mega-episode of the famous animated series for young children. All that will be required of the little users will be to move the fictional character that you can create to the right or left, pressing the main button every now and then to perform a simple action. That’s it.

The developers will take advantage of many of Peppa Pig’s most famous settings to reconstruct some of the “most famous” moments of the series and give children the impression of being inside the cartoon: every so often a road will be interrupted by Mr. Bull’s work, Daddy Pig will lose his glasses in the house and George will throw Mr. Dinosaur up a tree. All things that those who have seen (and rewatched and rewatched) the English series will know by heart and that it is fun to see reproposed in a video game.

In the role of a new friend of Peppa we will be introduced to her world, we will attend her kindergarten and her friends. We’ll visit Potato City, but also the Windy Castle, the sea, the mountain and the forest. Don’t get any ideas: each place is made up of 2 or 3 static screens in which to move Peppa and her new friend(s). But for the little ones, do you really need more?

The importance of adaptation in Italian

My friend Peppa Pig is completely dubbed in Italian

This is because, as we said at the beginning, My Friend Peppa Pig is designed for younger children, more precisely for children in the pre-school phase or a little more. The rhythms are mild, the tasks required are few and if you get stuck Peppa will suggest what to do. The fact that everything is dubbed in Italian (even if they are not the original voices), moreover, is a considerable added value, which allows children to be independent and to play without the need for an adult constantly at their side.

We’re not saying kids can be left in front of the screen, but at least they can learn to use a controller independently and at their own pace in a familiar, safe and fun environment.

This is also why longevity on paper takes on another meaning. It’s true that an adult, but even an elementary school kid could reach the end credits in a few hours, but we repeat, they are off target. A small child could get lost in it for hours and play and replay the same situations exactly as he saw and rewatched the episodes on television for 200 times. In this case, however, the protagonist will be directly him.

Simple, but effective

In My Friend Peppa Pig appear all the main characters of the series

A game like My Friend Peppa Pig could only start from the unmistakable style of the cartoon. A very clean and simple style, which, however, does not disdain to surprise with some pleasant details. Jumping in puddles you get dirty with mud and the animations are the same seen in the cartoon. We repeat, nothing shocking, but extremely faithful to the original material.

As are faithful to the themes treated, always very light, harmless and suitable for everyone. Perhaps some more positive “message” could be launched (in addition to a clean environment), but it is not even right that it is a video game to have to transmit values to the younger generation.

As we said good dubbing in Italian (although sometimes out of sync), while inexplicable and many long charges between a setting and another. See a PS4 Pro take us 30 seconds to load a screen of My Friend Peppa Pig makes your heart hurt.


My Friend Peppa Pig does exactly what it has to do, which is to propose an experience faithful to the animated series and suitable for very young children. Thanks to the dubbing in Italian and the basic controls, Bandai Namco’s game could be the perfect introduction to our favorite hobby for many new generations, who will be dealing with a familiar, safe and welcoming environment. Everyone else stay away from it, there’s nothing here that will remotely interest you, aside from some easily unlockable trophies.


  • Dubbing in Italian
  • Faithful to the cartoon
  • Perfect for little ones
  • Very long uploads
  • Could have been richer
  • Have you noticed any errors?

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