NBA Now 22, the review of the arcade basketball game for iOS and Android

Available for a few days on iOS and Android devices, the new basketball game from Com2uS focuses on immediacy and mobility: the review of NBA Now 22.

There are different ways to approach mobile gaming and it often happens that potentially very good games get lost on the way because of a setting too devoted to fast games, when they would have needed a more traditional structure. In the same way, there are titles that would have benefited from a more streamlined and fast approach and instead get wrapped up in unnecessary delays.

The truth, as usual, lies in the middle and Com2uS seems to have interpreted it well with its latest arcade basketball for iOS and Android devices. Characterized by the usual freemium format, the game literally delivers its contents in the palm of your hand, with two different options (three, considering the automatisms) that will satisfy a bit ‘everyone. Are you curious about this? Then continue reading the NBA Now 22 review.


NBA Now 22, a game sequence with traditional controls

We were talking about content, which in fact is not lacking in NBA Now 22: the main screen, to be displayed strictly in portrait style like the rest of the game, allows you to access the full-bodied League Mode, which is the core of the experience, but also outline modes such as the nice Arcade Mode based on free throws, the Battle Mode for automatic asynchronous challenges, the inevitable achievements and team management.

This last item embodies the freemium mechanics of the title, which aims to monetize between classic unpacking and perks of various kinds. It is clear that granting the microtransactions the progression will be faster, but during our tests we did not notice any particular paywall or limitations that pushed by force of things to make in-game purchases. In short, you can play for free quite freely and without major problems.


NBA Now 22, the Arcade Mode with its free throws in quick time event style

NBA Now 22’s gameplay, which obviously distances itself from the simulative claims of the recent NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition (review here) to offer us a simpler and more immediate approach, especially when you choose to use the single-finger control system. In this case you can move the selected player and perform various maneuvers by performing gestures on the screen, in a rather intuitive way.

Where you want a little more depth, however, just a touch to switch to a more classic layout, with virtual stick and buttons for shooting, passing and contrast, all quite accurate and responsive. As mentioned, there’s also an option to make everything automatic and just observe a pattern of the match, manager-style, with the possibility to speed up the action to make it faster.

Graphics and sound

The portrait view of NBA Now 22 performs surprisingly well, enhancing the excellent graphics of the game and providing three different cameras if you don’t like the default one. The polygonal models of the athletes and their animations are very good, also thanks to an engine that on iPhone 12 Pro keeps 60 fps fixed with the highest quality.

If you really wanted to make a technical criticism of the production weblog Com2uS would concern the overcrowding of the interface of departure, which must put together a large number of elements to meet the requirements of a freemium model now established, for better or worse. Finally, it’s a shame about the soundtrack, a bit too basic and lacking in high notes.


NBA Now 22 is a great arcade basketball game, very well made from the technical point of view and equipped with a traditional freemium model but rather permissive, which allows you to make as many games as you want without introducing any particular constraints or limitations. Of course, if you really want to invest in this experience to grant some microtransactions is a must, but there is plenty of time to evaluate what to do and a good number of content that are the contour of the League Mode. The two styles of control work very well and allow you to shape the experience according to our tastes, always with the ability to save the match and continue at a later time.


  • Simple and immediate gameplay
  • Excellent technical realization
  • Fair amount of content
  • Traditional freemium model
  • Interface a bit confusing
  • Definitely essential sound
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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