OlliOlli World, review of one of the funniest skateboarding games ever made

OlliOlli World review, a skateboard arcade that manages to be deep and light at the same time, without forgetting about the excitement

We are on the island of Radlandia, a kind of paradise for skateboarders, and we have to participate in the selections to become the new skate deity. This is not just a nominal title, but a mystical role that will make us the intermediaries between men and the gods. More precisely, between the skaters and the gods, given the theme of the game. They are the ones who created Radlandia, dividing it into five different biomes, all with specific challenges to face. Will we be able to win their favor? Actually, as we’ll discover as we play, they are really over-the-top figures, even sympathetic (yes, we even talk to the gods throughout the game). The focus of the entire experience is not them, however, but the skateboard, understood in its most clear and passionate, as we will see during the review of OlliOlli World.


The paths are varied and very cheerful

A few weeks ago we had tried the game of Roll7 in a practically final version, so much so that we were able to keep the saves with the final one. Already at that time we had made a more than positive impression, an impression confirmed by the version that we have been able to test in recent days and that, as already said, is practically the same game.

In strictly ludic terms OlliOlli World is very simple to explain: created our skater, we have to face a series of races in which the main objective is, usually, to get to the end of the course. Making it is not difficult, at least in the early stages, which include a rich tutorial, but soon you realize that the node is not “get ahead”, but the improvement of our skills. Do not worry though, because the control system is very simple, almost arcade: with a button you accelerate, with the levers of the controller you perform the various stunts and, if necessary, you press another button to change lanes. Is that all? Apparently yes, because the entire game system works on multiple levels of depth ranging from simple running trying not to fall from the skate, to get some good trick in sequence, to combine spectacular evolutions in exciting races and dynamics really satisfying, which result in an increasingly pronounced growth of our score (and our ego).

In OlliOlli World finishing a race doesn’t mean anything. Often at the first attempt we find ourselves disconsolate to look at a summary screen with most of the objectives not checked. Maybe running we also realized the presence of some secret, but we could not reach it. Even more dramatic is the passage to the screen of the global rankings, where we immediately realize that it is as if we had lost a large piece of the track, since someone has scored dozens of times higher than ours.

In addition to the races in which you simply have to get to the bottom, which are the majority, there are some variants such as the points races, in which you have to accumulate the highest possible score within a certain time limit, and the challenges, in which you’ll have to satisfy the requests of certain characters. In general, however, you have to start from a point A to reach a point B, overcoming chasms, making grinds on the various supports arranged along the track, jumping from ramps, running on walls and whatnot.

Radlandia in all its pasteliness

As already mentioned, each biome has its own specific challenges that make the races unique. However, what really counts to improve is to learn the morphology of the tracks and to master the advanced tricks, which require coordinated movements of the controller (do you know the supermoves of the fighting games?) Only in this way can you accumulate more and more points. To finish OlliOlli World is actually enough a few hours, but to master it takes an infinite amount of time more, so that it does not make much sense to talk about longevity in the classic terms, since the game time can vary greatly from player to player.


The art direction is fantastic

OlliOlli World is not only refined in its essential mechanics, but has a world built with a unique style and engaging, the result of a shrewd art direction, which recalls the underground cartoon scene and is a magnificent background to the entire gaming experience. The story is unnecessary, the customization of the character ditto (you can change the dress and appearance of your avatar at any time, perhaps by making him wear the items worn by overcoming the challenges, which still have a value only aesthetic), as well as the choice to fill the tracks of surreal elements, but everything helps to create an atmosphere that recalls a way of conceiving the skateboarding happy and free. So welcome the pastel scenarios, bananas in the middle of the path, giant bees and all the wacky characters that populate the island, because the sum of them creates a unique and noisy fresco, full of fun and joviality.

In this, OlliOlli World is a heartfelt celebration of a broad subculture that manages to play much better than far more serious titles, going beyond the search for the star’s name on the cover to offer itself as pure love of skateboarding diluted in code and pixels. It’s genuinely cheerful, while offering far deeper gameplay mechanics than it seems at first glance, as noted above.

OlliOlli World also tells a story

It is not the skateboard of professionals, but that of groups of friends who gather in the parks equipped (or not), chat, have a drink, tell each other about the day and then go off to do some acrobatics, falling and getting up again and then falling and getting up again. At the end of the fair, the player is not invited to become a virtuoso of the skateboard, but of the controller, which he must learn to handle with graceful mechanics if he wants to become competitive. Yes, because that’s what it’s all about: OlliOlli World is one of those titles that discreetly gets you into its coils, lets you leave whenever you want, but offers such wide margins for improvement that if you let yourself get caught up in its formula you’ll end up embroiled for months, if not years, with each course becoming a challenge in itself to be repeated as many times as you deem necessary to be satisfied with the end result.


OlliOlli World is a title full of enthusiasm and love for skateboarding. It is also polished and equipped with mechanics that make the games addictive thanks to their fluid and spectacular dynamics, which are never trivial. The rest, i.e. the various biomes, the special races, the customization and the narrative side, are nice frills, but overall superfluous for what remains a perfect game especially in its founding idea. Comes out in a difficult month, but can definitely say its.


  • Refined game mechanics with multiple skill levels
  • Smooth and spectacular races, which become more and more so as the player’s skill increases
  • Varied and dynamic track design
  • Lots of frills, maybe useless, but joyful nonetheless
  • Some dialogue a bit underwhelming
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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