Planet Zoo: Europe Pack, the review of the new European-themed contents

The review of Planet Zoo: Europe Pack, the new European-themed content pack of the famous management game by Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments has a very precise policy when it comes to expanding its games: try to launch DLC of all kinds, in order to tickle the imagination of as many buyers as possible. For this reason it never misses news, giving as much choice as possible to players. Of course, many people look with little goodwill to the river of DLC that floods the titles, but it must be said that, no matter what, in this way is guaranteed a constant support in the long term that is realized in the launch of large free patches, which usually accompany that of new content.

Planet Zoo: Europe Pack doesn’t change one bit the strategy adopted so far by Braben and Co., as you’ll read in the review.

The new animals

The lynx is one of the new animals

The main novelty of the Europe Pack, in terms of content, are obviously the new animals: Alpine ibex, European lynx, fallow deer, badger and spotted salamander. Four from habitat and one from exhibition, to use the game’s terminology. It should be noted that they were not among the most requested by the community. Nevertheless, they are among the best that have ever been added. The guys at Frontier have done a really important job in creating the animal models and animating them. Above all, they have integrated their behaviors more with the objects in the habitat, creating some really interesting situations. For example, the badger can be observed in its underground den through a camera system, while the ibex jumps naturally on the new rocks as it would in reality. The result is truly amazing and communicates a sense of completeness that other DLCs have failed to give, despite offering more popular animals. Of course, making them the protagonists of the sandbox parks depends on one’s taste, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are among the best animals in the entire Planet Zoo, which is no small feat considering the average level reached by Frontier.

Update 1.8.0

As always, along with a new DLC, Frontier has launched a major update for Planet Zoo, the 1.8.0, which introduces several new features for all owners of the game. The most important are the restaurants, that is, the possibility to create piece by piece the visitors’ dining places, through a special section of the editor. Another outstanding feature is the dens of the animals: now the European badger and the anteater can spend time in the shelters dug in the ground, which can be placed like any other object related to their habitat. Finally, the animal memorial has been added, with which you can remember the park’s now deceased creatures, thus making them known to visitors. Apart from that, the update introduces many new items and fixes some remaining bugs.

Time and object scenario

How about a nice alpine party, full of lights?

It must be said that the new content is not very many, as indeed were those of the other DLC. Apart from the animals and objects to customize the parks, is offered only a new scenario to time, obviously set in the Alps. As always, the player is asked to take the reins of an already started park, with elements that recall Italy, France and Switzerland, and to solve its many problems within the given time, greater or lesser depending on the selected difficulty level. In this case, it is asked to introduce as many species as possible before the arrival of the festivities, so as to attract a greater number of visitors. Nothing insurmountable, especially if you know Planet Zoo well. In total, the entire experience lasts the usual hour or so, so don’t expect to spend too much time there.

Much better to use the new resources with the sandbox mode, which allows you to indulge more and experience the aesthetics of a European park, thanks to the great versatility of the objects added, much greater than those of the other DLC. In particular, the objects related to the new animals, although essentially aesthetic, allow you to embellish the park in a more characteristic way, so as to be really nice.

Very nice even the rustic objects, such as some stone walls really superb, a new bridge and other structures clearly the result of careful research by Frontier Developments. Too bad only for the boat that, although well done, is a bit ‘Porto Cervo, rather than alpine landscape. Having said that, the Europe Pack of Planet Zoo turns out to be one of the best among those published so far because, while not having particular elements of excellence that distinguish it, it offers a set of consistent and enjoyable content, which taken together allow you to create parks really very nice. After all, isn’t this the main objective of these small expansions?

The Europe Pack does not differ much from the other Planet Zoo expansion packs, neither conceptually, nor for the amount of content. It is certainly one of the best among those proposed, but the same applies here as we have written for the previous ones: if you like the proposed scenario and if the new animals are to your liking, then do not think too much and buy the package. Otherwise it is another addition that you can overlook, waiting for something that resonates your soul as a builder of parks. It doesn’t introduce any real novelty in the gameplay anyway.


  • The animals are very beautiful
  • Versatile and well made objects
  • As always, make your own observations about the scenario and content
  • Have you noticed any errors?

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