Rocket League Sideswipe, the review of motorized soccer in mobile version

Strengthened by its nearly 100 million players, the spectacular soccer on wheels by Psyonix also arrives on iOS and Android: the review of Rocket League Sideswipe

It is a story made of ideas, insights and talent that Psyonix has been telling us since July 2015, when it launched on PC an original mix between the most classic sports arcade and a driving game. Rocket League immediately won the favor of the general public, reaching within three years 40 million players.

Then came, unfailingly, the console versions and a further expansion of the audience, season after season, until the acquisition of the development team by Epic Games and the reshaping of the economic model in the free-to-play format, which led the game to touch 100 million players.

Only iOS and Android devices are now missing, but how to adapt that kind of gameplay to touch controls and a small screen? These questions are answered in the Rocket League Sideswipe review.


Rocket League Sideswipe, shots become more spectacular depending on impact

If you remember the announcement of Rocket League Sideswipe, you’ll know that the game doesn’t even try to adapt the original formula of the Psyonix title, but reinterprets it, placing it in a more contained and strictly two-dimensional context, with two-minute challenges that can involve up to four participants in three different modes.

After completing a brief tutorial that will make us immediately familiar with the touch controls of the game, from the start screen we can access the Duel mode, with its one-on-one clashes; the Doubles mode, for the couple challenges with a high rate of spectacularity; or finally the Hoops variant, in which instead of the nets we find the baskets, with all that follows.

Rocket League Sideswipe, the Hoops mode with its baskets

Similarly to the original Rocket League, winning matches allows you to earn experience points, level up and unlock cosmetic items with which to customize the cars or the user profile, as well as virtual currency with which to buy additional embellishments. The freemium mechanics of Rocket League Sideswipe, in short, are decidedly elastic and not at all oriented towards pay-to-win.

Nonetheless, the sense of progression can be felt in a concrete way right from the first games, the list of objectives is quite rich and also includes the Rocket Pass of the first season, which has just started. It’s also nice to spruce up your vehicle with colored rims or an alternative exhaust, as well as freely change the paint color.


Rocket League Sideswipe, a flying net finisher

Of course, the outline and progression are important to keep alive the interest in the game, but it is the gameplay that dictates the law and this is particularly true for a title like Rocket League Sideswipe, which on the one hand inevitably simplifies the dynamics that fans of the Psyonix weblog jewel know well, asking us to push the huge ball in the network more times than the opponent, but on the other hand does not give up a certain degree of thickness.

The controls are extremely simple: a virtual repositionable analog stick, located on the left side of the touch screen, allows you to move and orient the car, while on the right side of the screen there are two buttons: one for jumping and double jump, the other for a turbo regulated by a special indicator that recharges only when the wheels touch the ground.

You don’t need anything else: combining these controls and adapting the actions to the physical context of the game immediately creates literally explosive situations, in which you may be able to go online with a well-calibrated first touch or make saves that define “on the edge” seems euphemistic. The fact that the control system is absolutely precise and responsive, of course, is vital to the success of the experience.

Likewise, the matchmaking works well, it’s fast and effective, and apparently there are always opponents ready to challenge us. Not only that: their ability is selected with a minimum of criterion to give life to challenges as balanced as possible, and you’ll realize it easily after a couple of initial matches in which you will make carnage of your opponents by winning three goals to zero, except then run into players much more cunning.

Graphics and sound

Rocket League Sideswipe, a spectacular aerial evolution

The transition to two dimensions inevitably reduces the visual impact of Rocket League Sideswipe compared to what’s available on PC and consoles, but despite this the developers have done a great job in making the graphics of the game as pleasant as possible and at the same time avoiding to engage too much the GPU of your smartphone or tablet, which in fact never ends up heating up.

The soundtrack can count on an electronic genre, which accompanies the action in a lively way, but without being too intrusive. The audio effects, for their part, try to make the most of the many impacts that occur on the screen but end up a little ‘too often in the background.


Rocket League Sideswipe is a fun, fast-paced and spectacular sports arcade, which inevitably compromises on the original formula of the Psyonix title and reinterprets it in two-dimensional challenges, but not without depth. Aided by a touch control system almost perfect, we find ourselves to perform incredible maneuvers in a few games, taking advantage of all that the vehicles can give us and making sign finalizations and saves from screaming. And the great thing is that we are still at the beginning of a path that will only get better.


  • Fun, fast-paced and spectacular
  • Nearly perfect touch controls
  • Fast matchmaking, nice sense of progression
  • Don’t expect the real Rocket League
  • The cosmetics are there, we need to work on the content
  • Sound perhaps not very incisive
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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