Seven Knights 2, recensione del nuovo action RPG free-to-play per iOS e Android

Six years after the first chapter, Netmarble brings to iOS and Android a new free-to-play action RPG with amazing graphics: Seven Knights 2 review.

The review of Seven Knights 2 brings us back to the fantasy world created by Netmarble, which with the first chapter of the series, published in 2015, had the ability to engage over 60 million players worldwide. The formula is repeated in this sequel, characterized by truly remarkable graphics, moved by the powerful Unreal Engine 4, and an even richer structure.

Again, the game looks like a traditional action RPG, downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices but equipped with a free-to-play system that aims to monetize with the gacha elements and a combat system that inevitably lends itself to these mechanics, as we will see shortly.


Seven Knights 2, Lene during a dialogue

Seven Knights 2 is set twenty years after the tragic denouement of the original Seven Knights and carries on its story, introducing brand new characters, but also bringing some of the old protagonists back to the screen. The adventure puts us in the shoes of Lene, a young fighter who learned from her mother, Queen Eileene, how to fight the dark creatures that constantly threaten the world of Asgar.

The defense of the kingdom of Terra is going on as usual, until one day a mysterious little girl, Phiné, who seems to have special abilities, appears and at the same time there is a violent attack by the enemy troops, led by the lethal Shane: one of the original Seven Knights, who however has succumbed to the lure of demonic power.

The situation quickly deteriorates, the fortress falls and the queen is defeated, but Lene and her companions are transported to safety with Phiné and begin to organize a counter-offensive to drive the evil from the kingdom once and for all. However, they will not be able to do it alone: they will need the help of one of the Seven Knights, Rudy, who after the events of twenty years ago has lost track of him.

Completely dubbed in English, although with ups and downs on the interpretation, the dialogues of Seven Knights 2 certainly have the merit of carrying on a narrative that on the one hand does not reserve big surprises to lovers of the genre, the other is almost exclusively aimed at those who have played the first chapter and therefore knows the reference lore.


Seven Knights 2, a fight made even more confusing by writings, buttons and whatnot

Right from the start, the structure of Seven Knights 2 looks very similar to that of an MMORPG, with a frankly confusing interface that crowds the screen with myriads of names and words, even in the middle of the most agitated situations, creating a general feeling of chaos and relying too much on automation.

On the content side, however, there is little to say: the missions are very numerous and succeed each other as we complete the various tasks, marking the progression through the unlocking of characters that we can include in our training: there are over forty and each boasts its own set of special moves, as well as specific skills of attack or support that can come in handy in battle.

Seven Knights 2, one of the first boss fights of the game

We were saying about the automatisms: from the navigation within the scenario to the fights, from the special moves of the character we control to those of his companions, practically the entire experience of Seven Knights 2 can be entrusted to the CPU. Years have passed since the introduction of these solutions and we’re still here wondering what sense they can ever have, but in this case resorting to them is even mandatory during certain situations, when you lose your way or you have to interact in some way with non-player characters or collect objects.

In addition to the campaign, there are also other modes that allow you to carry on the progression and also engage in cooperative sessions for four players, specifically raids gradually more complex in which you are facing several bosses. Any rewards go to feed the mechanics gacha, with the summoning of new heroes, equipment or companion, and at this juncture the automatisms can actually help to make it faster and easier all the part relating to the allocation of objects.


Seven Knights 2, our party explores a snowy setting

Seven Knights 2 is advertised as an open world experience, but in reality you’re limited to moving within fairly large maps, connected by a loading dock. The touch control system features a repositionable virtual stick on the left side of the screen and fixed buttons on the right side, unfortunately small in size: one for attack or auto mode, three for special abilities and four to change character or operate the specials of our companions.

Unfortunately, the element that represents the core of the experience, namely the fighting, is handled by the game in an inadequate manner. It is not a problem of repertoire, indeed the possibilities available to us are always quite varied, but of feedback of the blows, virtually absent, and a general confusion that systematically pervades the fight sequences.

The lack of controller support unfortunately forces us to deal with an interface lacking in customizations, characterized by buttons that are often too small and actions that are difficult to manage, such as simple camera movement. There are also no evasive maneuvers or parries, and this gives a clear idea of how the developers have thought to handle the inevitable paywall that can occur in the advanced stages of the campaign.

We must admit, however, that in the first few hours there are no hiccups, the challenge rather proves too trivial (but will increase by force of circumstance going forward) and it is really a shame that the clashes are permeated by this aura of approximation and inconsistency, since visually they are confirmed frantic and spectacular.

Graphics and sound

Seven Knights 2, Shane: charming but deadly

From a technical point of view, Seven Knights 2 stands without a doubt as one of the best action RPGs currently available on iOS and Android. In the game you will not find a maniacal attention to every detail and this highlights a direction often distracted, but the quality of polygonal models, effects and certain animations is truly amazing, especially during the cinematic sequences. The scenarios move instead between ups and downs, with convincing assets and a good variety but often generic design.

From the options screen you can adjust various parameters in order to scale the experience for older devices. On the iPhone 12 Pro you can set everything to maximum, but this leads to the inevitable overheating of the terminal unless you compromise on the frame rate: settling for 30 fps you can preserve the visual impact of the title Netmarble without experiencing problems.


Seven Knights 2 is an excellent action RPG from a technical point of view, rich in characters and content, which will not fail to excite the many fans of the first episode. The party management, with the possibility to change heroes at any time and perform spectacular special maneuvers, undoubtedly adds a certain strategic depth to the fights, but they are decidedly confusing and do not give any feedback, having to deal with a control system and interface that could be improved.


  • Really nice to see
  • Many characters, many missions
  • Interesting party management
  • Inconsistent and confusing fights
  • Control system and interface can be improved
  • Many, too many automatisms
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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