The Pegasus Dream Tour: the review of the official game of the Paralympics!

Even the Paralympics have their official game: here is the review of The Pegasus Dream Tour, to ignite the Olympic spirit that burns in all of us!

The weight of the app download already gives you pause. The few megabytes you have to download, in fact, are just a misleading mirror for the larks: after starting the game, the update itself starts, weighing about 3 GB. We therefore recommend that you run the process under Wi-Fi coverage to speed up the installation. The sheer volume of data also hints at the amount of content in Pegasus Dream Tour.

Behind this title there is an unsuspected signature author: Hajime Tabata, former Square-Enix as well as director of several Final Fantasy, also appreciated guest of a recent Lucca Comics. Behind this high-sounding name could not be hidden, therefore, any game. Pegasus Dream Tour, once started, reveals itself as the title that we did not expect. It’s light years away from any other game about sports, athletics, or the Olympics.

Let’s find out why in our review of The Pegasus Dream Tour.

Phantasy Star Paralympic Online

The Pegasus Dream Project 00 11

After the startup starts a long and substantial tutorial that takes us inside the city of Pegasus, thanks to an unexpected mayor who welcomes us immediately: Doraemon! We understand immediately to be in front of a game from the connotation strongly Japanese. The setting in which Pegasus Dream Tour develops is a virtual city full of things to do, characters to meet, places to visit, collectables to unlock. After almost half an hour from the beginning you forget you’re in front of a sports game, with the illusion of being inside a new Phantasy Star Online. Who was looking for an experience in the style of Mario & Sonic at the Olympics was wrong game, here we are faced with a title extremely more complex and rich. Perhaps too much.

After a while you almost lose the primary focus, which is to excel in the various Paralympic sports, immersed in the city that offers many ideas such as eating, training, making friends and visiting temples and different places. It is a true RPG with massive multiplayer online elements, sub-games to be played online, others offline thanks to an effective artificial intelligence. Our character evolves with us thanks to the activities faced within the city. Given the amount of things to do, collect or see, often the title is also confusing on the continuation of events and what you need to do at certain times.

A good diet and constant training guarantee an ideal form to face the official competitions: according to many elements our virtual alter-ego will be more or less fit. Customization is in fact another strong element of the game: you choose your physique, face, nationality, muscles, clothing. And each value can be increased or decreased based on how we live in the city. The game is totally free because there are purchasable packages that speed up the time of physical and sports improvement: thanks to constant training your records improve day after day, in a visible and satisfying way.

How is it accomplished?

The Pegasus Dream Project 00 13

The sports featured in Pegasus Dream Tour are well-made and manage to transfer to the player some of the mechanics triggered by the athletes’ disabilities. For example, during the soccer matches between blind people we have to dribble and pass the ball in an almost totally dark screen, accompanied only by the sound of the bell inside the ball and being able to see the “shadows” of the opponents that parry against us. It ‘s appreciable effort infused to try to give a touch of originality to these game mechanics, even if not always the effect created by the developers blends well with a smooth and fun gameplay. The technical realization is however of great merit. The entire city is created entirely in 3D and is rich in details, places and characters with whom to talk or exchange information.

The stadiums where some races take place are full of polygons, cheering crowd, effects, all without pop-ups or graphical imperfections. In the open environments of the city we notice, sporadically, very heavy frame drops due to the large amount of people present, both online and offline. Fortunately, during the games and games everything goes smoothly. The audio section is definitely the least memorable: apart from the successful use of some sound effects for gameplay reasons, music, soundtrack and everything else pass into oblivion as yet another super abused and anonymous tracks.

The tunes used as background during life in the city are indeed almost annoying and repetitive. As for the general technical aspect, you definitely need a very high-performance device to support all this data. We tested the game on the new iPad Air, where it gave the best of itself. On Samsung S10+ and S21 it had some problems in the most chaotic situations, while on Huawei P30 Pro and Xiaomi Note 10 it was unplayable at times due to on-screen blockages. In any case, this is a free installable game, and given its totally original nature and Hajime Tabata’s great signature, we’re sure a try is worth it.


The official game of the Paralympics is a surprise we didn’t expect: deep, long, extremely different from any other sports or Olympics game we’ve tried to date. The hand of a former Square-Enix shows. Pegasus Dream Tour is a role-playing game heavily focused on multiplayer and online: if it enters into your ropes will take a long time, having fun. Otherwise, after less than an hour you will have already uninstalled.


  • Lots of modes and things to do
  • Character growth
  • Graphic realization
  • Sometimes confusing
  • You need high-performance devices to play it
  • Repetitive music and audio
  • Have you noticed any errors?
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